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We have ND off-campus housing for students too!

If you are on a mobile device, only properties which are coming due to be available are shown. 

Desktop view shows a complete list of our properties  in drop-down menus organized by neighborhood seen at top or to the right in desktop viewer.

nd students
Event Rentals

Here for college? Check out the Notre Dame/Off-Campus link - we own and manage several properties within a 10 minute walk to campus

Single Family Homes

We have many properties ranging from 1- up to 4- bedrooms all over South Bend.  Click below to see if and what we have currently available to rent. 

Frequently Asked 

Click here for info on how to apply, what the process usually entails, and answers to other frequently asked questions. 

Now Available

unfortunately it doesn't look like we have any openings right now. Check back later!

   Due to recent Pandemic-related struggles, currently we may only have few houses available in a given month, and with recent and ongoing developments, working with struggling tenants on arrangements, working with various government tenant assistance programs, plus our commitment to doing everything we can to keep tenants in their homes during this time,  there is a bit of a traffic jam with tenant rotation which is slowing the usual  rate of housing turnover.    Please be patient,  as new units do, and will continue to open up on a rolling monthly basis as leases expire and people move,  and check back here because they are listed as soon as we know they will be coming available.


The desktop version of the site allows you to see all our properties; the mobile version only what is currently available / coming up. If you see a tenant-occupied unit on the full version you are interested in, feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the screen to put yourself on a waitlist for this property or call at 574-204-2445 to find out how to apply.

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