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General Information/FAQ

Q: Where are you located/do you have offices in the area?

A: The main office is located in the Chicagoland area, but we do have a satellite office in South Bend. However,  Office hours are by appointment only, but feel free to call 574-204-2445 if you want to schedule a visit. 

Q. Do you accept Section 8?

A: Yes we do - try to let us know your voucher amount and caseworker because it helps us to coordinate everything. 

Q. Where are the properties located?

A: All of our properties are within the city limits of South Bend, IN. We do not have any in Mishawaka, Granger, or neighboring areas. 

Q: Whose responsible for the utilities?

A: With a few exceptions, generally all utilities (water, gas, electric) are the responsibilities of the tenant. Confirming the utilities have been switched to your name is the last step before we hand you the keys to the house. For water (and trash pickup is included with water) South Bend this requires two forms - one from us, and one to be completed by the tenant.

Q. What requirements are there to apply?

A: We have recently amended our requirements.  Applicants with strong credit  and no history of evictions or small claims will be best positioned for their application to be accepted.  
However, the other component which is weighted with equal importance and gravity is what your past employer(s) and landlord(s) have to say. A sterling recommendation boosts confidence in an applicant. 

Decisions are made by a Board consisting of several landlords and investors, and since we receive upwards of 50 applications for every house, they go through them together and choose the best one. In the event there are multiple highly qualified and recommended applicants, it usually goes to whomever is able to move-in and have a security deposit ready  by Inspection or Move-In Day.  Holding Deposits can help secure your application as well. These are converted into your actual security deposit upon successful completion of Sec. 8 Inspection or at Move-In for non Section 8 tenants.  

Due to the overwhelming number of applications we sometimes get, it is not always possible to  call every single person back just due to logistics and time restraints. 


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